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Our company-wide, global safety development campaign called “Driving Out Harm” has proven to both drive and strengthen consistency in our safety practices. This campaign is designed to signal a unified change to the commitment of safe operations throughout National Express. These commitments include a range of standards for our leadership, as well as individual competence and accountability. Driving Out Harm embraces all of our safety campaigns as well as values, such as safety management training through twelve Global Standards. Combined, these safety initiatives tighten our control on safety risks in all key areas.

At National Express we strive to provide the safest and highest quality transportation services for our customers. Everything we do is graded on the performance of our front lineā€”our drivers. National Express Group is a transportation-focused company that delivers hundreds of millions of journeys worldwide each year, and employs tens of thousands of people through its bus, rail, and coach divisions. National Express-White Plains is part of National Express Transit Corporation (NEXT), a growing provider of transit, paratransit, and shuttle services across the country. NEXT is the US-based public transportation division of UK-based National Express Group, providers of nearly one billion safe journeys each year.