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National Express Transit is a National Transportation Company. More info here!

Fastest Growing Transit Company In North America

National Transportation Company

Global Reach

National Express Group is a national transportation company and transit service company that delivers hundreds of millions of journeys worldwide each year and employs tens of thousands of people through its bus, rail, and coach divisions.
Fleet Asset Management Solutions and Fixed Route Transit Services

Local Teams

Each customer relationship is managed by a team of dedicated, local National Express transit professionals who give customers and clients the personal attention they deserve. Our best-in-class transit service company solutions include:

Transit Service Company Global Reach and Paratransit Operations

Safety is our #1 value

Our total attention in our national transportation company is focused on providing the safest, highest quality transportation services for our customers and the communities we serve, adhering to our five core values:

  • Safety: We only do what is safe and immediately identify and eliminate any unsafe behavior.
  • Customers: We place them at the heart of our business and relentlessly meet their expectations.
  • People: We develop the talents, reward the exceptional performance, and respect the rights of all our employees.
  • Community: Our policies and practices will advance the social, environmental, and economic conditions in the communities where we operate.
  • Excellence: We constantly strive to be excellent in all that we do.
Driving Out Harm

Learn more about our Driving Out Harm initiative.

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