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Fleet Management Responsibilities

fleet maintenance

In contrast with the antics of the cast of Taxi, fleet management is so much more than simply dispatching vehicles and drivers when needed, and filling them up with gas when empty, and it requires a wide range of skills to keep all of the various facets of a fleet's operation running smoothly.  

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Advantages of Transportation Technology: Infographic

Integrating Tech into Operations

Do you find yourself asking, “Why is technology so important today?” The answer is simple: technology is everywhere and it’s integrated into everything that we do.

So why is technology especially important in the public transportation industry?

The most successful transit agencies across the country place large emphasis on safety, people, and rider experience. In order to achieve this and truly take a customer-centric approach to your transit operations, it is necessary to leverage technology and use transportation management software to help better serve customers and make transit more accessible to the community.

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Safe and Comfortable Transportation Options for Seniors

Paratransit for Seniors

Public transportation is widely used in cities, which offer an array of bus and rail systems. For many older adults who have disabilities, public transit may not be accessible for travel. Paratransit travel options help people who have barriers to using public transportation. Transportation is a necessity and without access, older adults have difficulty doing important tasks such as grocery shopping and going to doctor appointments. This article will discuss how paratransit is a crucial aspect of transportation, how it makes life better for seniors, and what this means for paratransit industry professionals.

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How Transit Agencies Harness Technology

Harnessing technology for transit agencies


This article originally appeared on the BABC Thought Leadership Platform on April 27th, 2017.

Mass transit aims to offer convenience and value for its riders. A key concern for transit managers is how to improve customer experience. When transit agencies integrate newer technologies, riders are happier and ridership grows. In this era of rapid technological discovery, transit agencies have more opportunities to evolve and please passengers.  

Why Technology Matters 

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5 Trends In The Transportation Industry

The rapid pace of technological innovation, when coupled with a changing culture and customer expectations, is beginning to bring a wave of changes to the way that both people and goods are transported. Accounting for and adapting to these transportation trends in both agency operations as well as where the rubber meets the road will be an important part of the strategy and planning processes of a national transportation company. Here are five trends to watch.

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