Safety in the Public Transit Industry: Infographic

As a national transportation company, we know how important safety is. Our entire purpose is to better connect and serve the communities in which we operate and ensure we can get our passengers from point A to point B safely, every time they ride with us.

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Closing the Gap to Enhance the Rider Experience

Public transportation connects people to their communities and can produce a better quality of life. Every segment of society can benefit from public transportation and it is a crucial part of the solution to the nation’s economic, energy, and environmental challenges.

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Defining the Difference Between Good Transit and Great Transportation

The terms transit and transportation can sometimes get mixed up. In certain contexts, they are used to mean the same thing (getting people from one place to another), and although they may be interchangeable on those occasions, there are other times when the two words make a distinction between the ways that people get around. For example, there is a difference between riding a bike for transportation and taking the bus to work. The bus is both transportation and transit, whereas a bicycle wouldn't qualify as transit, but is certainly a popular mode of transportation. However, taking a bike on a bus or train would be a bicycle transit trip, and even walking to and from a transit station run by a national transportation company makes it so most trips are multimodal journeys.

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Safe and Comfortable Transportation Options for Seniors

Public transportation is widely used in cities, which offer an array of bus and rail systems. For many older adults who have disabilities, public transit may not be accessible for travel. Paratransit travel options help people who have barriers to using public transportation. Transportation is a necessity and without access, older adults have difficulty doing important tasks such as grocery shopping and going to doctor appointments. This article will discuss how paratransit is a crucial aspect of transportation, how it makes life better for seniors, and what this means for paratransit industry professionals.

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National Express Transit Expands Operations in California

Warrenville, Ill. –National Express Transit (NEXT), a leading provider of transit services in North America, will begin operating Modesto Area Transit (MAX) in July, 2017. Modesto Area Transit is the fourth area of operations in California for the organization, including the cities of Vallejo, Kern County and Merced.

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