What is MaaS? A Comprehensive Guide on Mobility as a Service

According to the UN, another 2.5 billion people could be added to urbanized cities by 2050 increasing the proportion of urban areas in the population to 68%. These growing urban populations are creating a host of issues including increased congestion. This severe city congestion will inhibit mobility and contribute to the already high rate of automobile accidents—around 1.3 million deaths worldwide—if transit companies and other organizations don’t implement a solution.

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The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Business Model

For those who aren’t familiar, mobility as a service (MaaS) is a series of concepts about a new transportation model—particularly in urban areas—that removes the need for private vehicle ownership by offering bundled transportation options as a service. Through the combined efforts of public and private organizations, riders embark on personalized and optimized transportation routes using a variety of different transportation modes: cars, trains, scooters, etc. MaaS promises to revolutionize transportation as we know it, so how does it work?

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How Autonomous Vehicles Are Driving the Adoption of Mobility as a Service (Maas)

Mobility as a service (MaaS), a growing trend in the field of transportation, aims to make owning a vehicle unnecessary. In this model—users request rides as needed. MaaS service providers will then construct an optimal route from point A to point B using a variety of transportation methods, both public and private. Hence the term “mobility as a service.”

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5 Ways to Improve Transit Call Center Productivity

Paratransit services play a significant role in society. They provide America’s elderly and disabled populations with the mobility services they need to live their best lives possible. This responsibility extends to the call centers they employ to handle customer service duties.

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How to Improve Your Call Center Customer Experience Strategy

Passenger expectations are changing. Technology is empowering riders more than ever, so much so that companies are putting more resources into becoming truly customer-centric.

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