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6 Training Tips for Improving Call Center Productivity and Efficiency

NEXT_Blog_Call Center Productivity

One of the key elements of any successful operation is a great training program, because with the proper training, employees will have the right skills to allow them to do their jobs well, while also knowing what to do (or not to do) in any given situation. A good training program also gives those individuals the confidence to take care of customers quickly and efficiently, and when it comes to call center productivity, with potentially heavy call volumes and often short time constraints, having top-notch training for call center agents is vital to your transit company's operations. Here are a few training tips for improving call center productivity and efficiency.

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5 Creative Strategies to Increase Public Transportation Ridership

NEXT_Blog_Increase Public Transportation Ridership

In order to increase ridership on public transit in the age of the car, agencies need to be willing to explore a number of different approaches. Some of these tactics may be used on the back end of the operations, such as scheduling and route-setting, some on the customer-facing processes, some on the marketing and communications side, and some on the infrastructure and facilities end. Like many aspects of life and business, there is probably no one magic pill that will cure low ridership, but rather a mix of strategies and tactics that can all work together to boost ridership.

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How to Become a Transportation Planning Professional


To those on the consumer side of transportation, it may seem like either a logistical nightmare or a wonderfully complex puzzle getting everybody and everything to their destinations on time and in good shape. While the truth may lie somewhere between those two extremes, the fact of the matter is that well-trained transportation planning professionals are working behind the scenes to make it all flow smoothly. Transportation planning professionals, also called Certified Transportation Planners, are some of the unsung heroes of the transit, freight, and passenger carrier industries, and these individuals are responsible for not only the current state of transport in and around our cities and states, but also for planning for the future.

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The Value of Fleet Data


As one popular saying goes, "You can't manage what you don't measure," and to go one step further, you can't improve what you don't measure. In order to get the most performance from a fleet, with the least amount of labor input and the lowest cost, tracking fleet data is imperative.

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7 Strategies for Managing Operating Costs for Rural Public Transit

In order to run an efficient and productive rural public transit system and fleet asset management, and one that doesn't consistently overrun the budget, it's important to keep operating costs under control. Without adequate controls on operating costs, rural public transit systems are at risk of running with a high overhead, which can impact not only the current level of service, but also the future of these programs. Balancing the needs of the agency's customers with the costs for those services is one key aspect of effective transit agency management, and learning how to reduce or minimize those operating costs is a crucial skill.

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