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Safe and Comfortable Transportation Options for Seniors

Paratransit for Seniors

Public transportation is widely used in cities, which offer an array of bus and rail systems. For many older adults who have disabilities, public transit may not be accessible for travel. Paratransit travel options help people who have barriers to using public transportation. Transportation is a necessity and without access, older adults have difficulty doing important tasks such as grocery shopping and going to doctor appointments. This article will discuss how paratransit is a crucial aspect of transportation, how it makes life better for seniors, and what this means for paratransit industry professionals.

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National Express Transit Expands Operations in California

Warrenville, Ill. –National Express Transit (NEXT), a leading provider of transit services in North America, will begin operating Modesto Area Transit (MAX) in July, 2017. Modesto Area Transit is the fourth area of operations in California for the organization, including the cities of Vallejo, Kern County and Merced.

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How Transit Agencies Harness Technology

Harnessing technology for transit agencies


This article originally appeared on the BABC Thought Leadership Platform on April 27th, 2017.

Mass transit aims to offer convenience and value for its riders. A key concern for transit managers is how to improve customer experience. When transit agencies integrate newer technologies, riders are happier and ridership grows. In this era of rapid technological discovery, transit agencies have more opportunities to evolve and please passengers.  

Why Technology Matters 

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Best Public Transportation in the U.S.

Best Public Transportation in the U.S.

Public transportation is critical in keeping our communities connected and is a crucial part of the solution to the economic, energy, and environmental challenges that are becoming prevalent today. Not only is public transportation convenient for riders, but it also has been proven to be safer than driving individual vehicles and areas that have accessible public transit are also shown to have better overall security and reduced crime rates. Not to mention, paratransit is especially important for people with disabilities or for aging members of our community to get around and have a better quality of life.

We know why public transportation is so important, but what sets some public transportation agencies apart from the rest to be classified as the best public transportation in the U.S.?

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Importance of Transportation Management

Managing Transit Operations

Transit agencies are responsible for providing safe and reliable transportation, and because of this, proper transportation management is critical to the success of any transit agency. Good management improves service and lowers cost, which ensures transit is sustainable for cities and pleasing to passengers. Transit operations contractors can help transit agencies achieve the best service possible through optimized operations.

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