Zonar Case Study

Anna Lam | November 2, 2021 |
Zonar Case Study

Paratransit fleet enhances service levels and ensures safe travel. GoDurham ACCESS, which is run by National Express Transit, is a demand responsive, ADA-paratransit service for the City of Durham and Durham County in North Carolina. Ridership includes people who have a disability, are age 60
and older, or live in the county’s rural areas. Plus those who need a ride for
work-related, medical, human services, government, personal care and other eligible trips. These riders depend on GoDurham ACCESS for reliable, curb-to-curb transportation—a responsibility this fleet takes seriously.

• Dispatchers and fleet managers need to track and monitor each
vehicle in real time.
• Vehicles need to be well maintained to ensure safe, reliable service.
• Drivers need to operate safely and arrive on time, every time, every day.

Because so many people rely on GoDurham ACCESS for essential transportation, this fleet relies on Zonar smart fleet management solutions to manage and monitor each vehicle online. With this operational edge, GoDurham ACCESS is better equipped to focus on serving each rider than fleets who still wrangle with avoidable inefficiencies.

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Zonar Case Study