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Paratransit & Dial-a-Ride

Paratransit & Dial-a-Ride

NEXT provides on-demand, curb-to-curb or door-to-door paratransit service in cities and communities across the United States. Through a dedication to safety and a commitment to partnership with our clients, NEXT has a proven ability to manage and improve productivity and on-time performance in demand-responsive environments. 

Call Center Operations

The NEXT paratransit experience begins with the moment a passenger calls to make a reservation and ends only when the passenger reaches their final destination.  For many of our clients, NEXT provides a full suite of call center operations, including eligibility determination, reservations, scheduling, and dispatch services.  Our teams have extensive experience with a full complement of scheduling and dispatching systems currently in use in the transit market.  Additionally, NEXT offers Ecolane's scheduling and dispatch software, an industry-leading platform, at a significant cost savings over competing products.

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