Sustainability is at the heart of Mobico Group’s purpose, strategy and culture as a global company serving nearly a billion passenger journeys.

Our vision is to be the world’s premier shared mobility operator by leading the modal shift from cars to mass transit.¬†We’re excited to benefit society and the environment through National Express Transit’s sustainability strategy.




As a transportation industry leader, we have made a commitment to achieve net zero emissions across our fleet by 2035.

Procurement and Financing

To achieve this, we are actively looking at innovative procurement and financing models to allow us to accelerate our transition to zero emissions vehicles, while reducing capital expenditure and risk.

ZEV Fleet

In the meantime, we are working with our transit agency partners to support their adoption of zero emission fleets and proudly operate electric vehicles for customers in the United States, the UK and Spain. We also utilize and promote best practices for maintaining and operating our vehicles to ensure the highest emission standards, including enforcement of our strict no-idling policy across our North America operations.




Growing Local Roots

National Express Shuttle (WeDriveU) and Transit division’s Growing Local Roots program partners with local organizations to contribute a positive environmental impact in communities we proudly serve.

Recognizing that carbon offsetting efforts can be difficult to quantify, we identify programs where our local team members can be actively involved in protecting ecosystems in communities where they live and work. Growing Local Roots illustrates how we align our sustainability commitment with that of our customers to drive projects that flourish and benefit future generations.

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