Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2023

Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2023

March 18th marks Transit Driver Appreciation Day (#TDAD) and a wrap on our week-long salute to the most dedicated, hard-working team of operators in the industry. We’re incredibly proud of thousands of bus drivers on our National Express Shuttle and Transit team who safely guide our passengers in communities across the U.S.

in a fleet ranging from ADA vans to transit buses and coaches, including electric vehicles (EVs).

Showing our Appreciation

While it’s a date that traditionally honors public transit bus drivers, we’ve extended our celebrations to our shuttle (private transit) operators in the spirit of being as inclusive as possible for those who share the roads and skills.

Did you know the date was selected to commemorate the first bus line, Blaise Pascal’s Carrosses à cinq sols in Paris, 1662 (Wikipedia)?

Check out the highlight reel showing a few of the celebrations at our Customer Service Centers:

“May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are and the difference you make.”


Here’s how we celebrated:

  • In Durham, North Carolina, General Manager Tara Walton hosted a luncheon and gave employees keychains that read: “May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are and the difference you make. Thank You!”.
  • Chicago (East), Illinois GM Vince Edwards hosted a Transit Employees Appreciation lunch with two days of cookouts. Vince aimed to “show our love and appreciation for our staff, drivers, bus aides and maintenance staff.”
  • The Boston, Massachusetts Shuttle location GM Scott Colburn sent a big shout out to Kiana Marsh for bringing in cookies and cupcakes for a sweet finish to the pizza and wings lunch for drivers.
  • Austin, Texas GM Keyshana Jackson held a celebration for drivers serving several WeDriveU corporate customer shuttle programs in the region. The event featured a food truck, outdoor games, a cake, cards and treat bags.
  • Our Chicago, Illinois Shuttle location GM Stacei Allen held a driver event with pizza, chicken, salad, fresh fruit trays and a cake.
  • Celebrations were also held in Bellingham, Massachusetts and other Customer Service Center locations.