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Fleet Management Responsibilities

fleet maintenance

In contrast with the antics of the cast of Taxi, fleet management is so much more than simply dispatching vehicles and drivers when needed, and filling them up with gas when empty, and it requires a wide range of skills to keep all of the various facets of a fleet's operation running smoothly.  

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5 Transportation Challenges in Urban Areas

urban transportation


Public transport, and transportation in general, is a challenging endeavor in urban areas. As certain city populations grow, and as their economic bases shift and evolve and their housing sector adjusts, even more vehicles are entering the roads each day. One of the effective solutions to decreasing the pressure on city streets and highways is maintaining a robust public transportation system, but modern urban areas bring a host of challenges to the table for transit agencies, some of which can be mitigated by proper and forward-thinking transit management, and others which will need to come from the municipal level on down.

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Advantages of Transportation Technology: Infographic

Integrating Tech into Operations

Do you find yourself asking, “Why is technology so important today?” The answer is simple: technology is everywhere and it’s integrated into everything that we do.

So why is technology especially important in the public transportation industry?

The most successful transit agencies across the country place large emphasis on safety, people, and rider experience. In order to achieve this and truly take a customer-centric approach to your transit operations, it is necessary to leverage technology and use transportation management software to help better serve customers and make transit more accessible to the community.

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9 Benefits of Public Transportation

Benefits of Public Transportation

Public transportation systems bring many benefits to individuals, communities, and the local economy, but all too often, they don't get near the amount of attention that they should. While much of the media's attention is focused on higher profile stories such as autonomous vehicles and the launch of the latest Tesla electric car model, public transportation and fixed route transit services continue to be much more efficient and beneficial systems of getting people from one place to another, which often gets overlooked in the news cycle's desire for shiny new things.

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Safety in the Public Transit Industry: Infographic

Safety in Public Transportation

As a national transportation company, we know how important safety is. Our entire purpose is to better connect and serve the communities in which we operate and ensure we can get our passengers from point A to point B safely, every time they ride with us.

So it may come as a surprise to some when they realize that not every agency follows the same safety standards and many don’t even have a formal program in place with internal governance and oversight.

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