Safety in the Public Transit Industry: Infographic

Safety in the Public Transit Industry: Infographic

As a national transportation company, we know how important safety is. Our entire purpose is to better connect and serve the communities in which we operate and ensure we can get our passengers from point A to point B safely, every time they ride with us.

So it may come as a surprise to some when they realize that not every agency follows the same safety standards and many don’t even have a formal program in place with internal governance and oversight.

National Express Transit’s Safety Policy

Since 2012, we’ve had our company-wide “Driving-Out Harm” global safety development campaign in place that has proven to both drive and strengthen consistency in our safety practices. We are committed to safe operations company-wide. Because of this, we follow our 12 Global Safety Standards at each transit agency that we serve.

FTA Safety Recommendation

In 2015, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) rolled out their Safety Management Systems (SMS) component guidelines that act as recommendations for transit agencies to follow industry-wide so they, too, can put a safety program in place.

It is exciting to see that National Express has been going above and beyond industry standards since 2012, three years before the FTA created their safety recommendations. It is also exciting to see the desire for the industry to elevate safety standards as a whole so communities can be assured that public transportation is a safe and reliable option.

Below, you will find an infographic that outlines National Express’ 12 Global Safety Standards and how they align with the FTA’s 4 SMS components.

Safety in Public Transportation

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It is a step in the right direction for the FTA to put out safety recommendations to follow, but without oversight and governance, it can’t be guaranteed that transit agencies will put these practices into place effectively.

If you’d like to learn more about our “Driving-Out Harm” global safety development campaign, contact us today! And to promote and spread knowledge about safety policy in public transit, you can share and embed our infographic by using the embed code above.

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