How Transit Agencies Harness Technology

This article originally appeared on the BABC Thought Leadership Platform on April 27th, 2017.

Mass transit aims to offer convenience and value for its riders. A key concern for transit managers is how to improve customer experience. When transit agencies integrate newer technologies, riders are happier and ridership grows. In this era of rapid technological discovery, transit agencies have more opportunities to evolve and please passengers.

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Best Public Transportation in the U.S.

Public transportation is critical in keeping our communities connected and is a crucial part of the solution to the economic, energy, and environmental challenges that are becoming prevalent today. Not only is public transportation convenient for riders, but it also has been proven to be safer than driving individual vehicles and areas that have accessible public transit are also shown to have better overall security and reduced crime rates. Not to mention, paratransit is especially important for people with disabilities or for aging members of our community to get around and have a better quality of life.

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Importance of Transportation Management

Transit agencies are responsible for providing safe and reliable transportation, and because of this, proper transportation management is critical to the success of any transit agency. Good management improves service and lowers cost, which ensures transit is sustainable for cities and pleasing to passengers. Transit operations contractors can help transit agencies achieve the best service possible through optimized operations.

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5 Trends In The Transportation Industry

The rapid pace of technological innovation, when coupled with a changing culture and customer expectations, is beginning to bring a wave of changes to the way that both people and goods are transported. Accounting for and adapting to these transportation trends in both agency operations as well as where the rubber meets the road will be an important part of the strategy and planning processes of a national transportation company. Here are five trends to watch.

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4 Advantages of Integrating Transportation Technology into Your Agency

The simple fact about today's business climate is that technology and innovation are driving the future of many industries. That includes the public transportation industry. Many agencies are starting to integrate transit management software and modern technology into their transit operations in order to keep up with rider demand and create a more customer-centric approach to operations. The advantages of making this transition can lead to positive change that can take operational efficiency to the next level. Our experts have outlined 4 main advantages that transit agencies are seeing from technology integration today.

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