How to Land a Job at a Top Transportation Company in 2017

How to Land a Job at a Top Transportation Company in 2017

Careers in public transportation offer variety and opportunities for advancement. If you like solving problems and helping passengers get around, this career might be right for you. National Express Transit, a growing provider of transit services in the U.S., is hiring and offers some advice to find and get the job of your dreams.

Pick transit jobs right for you

Did you know that there is a wide range of transit jobs beyond the driver position? While drivers play a key role in transit by delivering safe and pleasant rides to diverse groups, including people with disabilities, there are also many other positions that are available. Along with drivers, there are route, maintenance, managerial and safety-related jobs. Visit the National Express Transit careers page and browse job openings from around the country.

One of the advantages of working in public transportation is there is room to grow. It’s possible to turn a transit job into a satisfying, long-term career. According to the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, the proportion of bus driver and related jobs is either steady or growing.

There are also opportunities to get more senior level jobs in public transportation. Job seekers have options to work in different types of managerial jobs. For example, there are managerial positions for supervising drivers as well as overseeing different aspects of operations. Some senior positions require prior experience in the industry, but career-changers might find a role in operations, communications or marketing.

Qualities of successful transit workers

Working in public transit requires dedication and an interest in automotive technology and helping people. Successful transit employees work well with others and solve problems under pressure. Many transportation employees derive satisfaction from helping others in their everyday lives.

Transit employees are also leaders. Whether they are managing a single route or a larger fleet of vehicles, employees are continually finding ways to make travel smoother for passengers.

Develop skills valued in transit careers

Previous experience in transit helps to get a job, but it’s not necessary for all positions. If you have have an interest in buses or cars and have some technology skills, then you may qualify for some jobs. Having a commercial driver’s license or other certifications will be required for many jobs such as driver. Non-driving positions, including certain managerial positions, do not always require a commercial driver’s license.

If you have learned work practices valued in this industry, then you may have an advantage. Safety for passengers and employees is highly valued by National Express Transit. Therefore, showing how you understand and follow safety protocols and rules can give you a leg up.

Choose a job that treats you right 

Transportation jobs can be rewarding with the right company. Many transit jobs are similar, but there are differences among employers. There are transit and paratransit jobs all over the country, so start your search in your local area to cut down on your commute.

Finding a company that values your skills and hard work can make your career more satisfying. National Express Transit values its employees by ensuring safety and creating a friendly work environment with a great culture. We know that our people should be our top priority, as they are the cornerstone of our organization, so we strive every day to make that a focus of our company. We reward work with competitive pay and generous vacation and benefits packages.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the National Express Transit team? Check out our careers page!