7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Paratransit

Except to those in the transit or medical sectors, or those who have had personal or family experience with using paratransit services, the mention of the word paratransit in a conversation is likely met with a blank look. But for those who depend on this complementary transport option to get to medical appointments, to do their weekly shopping, or even to go to school and back, paratransit operations can be a lifeline.

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Why Transportation Services for the Elderly and Disabled are a Civic Right

What would be an easy and straightforward task for many people, such as going to a doctor's visit or to pick up groceries, can be a huge ordeal for the elderly and disabled members of our population. Without a car of their own, and the ability and resources to drive it, getting from one location to another within a city without hiring a driver will most likely require public transportation. However, a regular city bus may not work for some disabled or elderly, due to first-mile and last-mile transport issues with getting to or from a stop, or scheduling limitations, or other factors, in which case paratransit services can step in to fill that important need. 

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