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Routing and Scheduling Software and Fixed Route

NEXT is committed to our customers, our passengers, and our employees.

Facility and Asset Maintenance and Fixed Route Service

Driving Out Harm

Our transit company-wide, global safety development campaign called "Driving Out Harm" has proven to both drive and strengthen consistency in our safety practices. This campaign is designed to signal a unified change to the commitment of safe operations throughout National Express. These commitments include a range of standards for our leadership, as well as individual competence and accountability.

Driving Out Harm embraces all of our safety campaigns as well as values, such as safety management training through twelve Global Standards. Combined, these safety initiatives tighten our control on safety risks in all key areas.

Who We Are

A worldwide leader in Fixed Route and Paratransit solutions, National Express Transit (NEXT) has the experience and expertise to make sure there are no bumps along the way. As a subsidiary of National Express Group, we're backed by the strength and history of one of the world's leading transit companies. Every contract is handled by a dedicated local team who delivers the professionalism and personal attention you're looking for. Safety is always Job 1.

A proven thought-leader in safety, National Express has crafted proprietary company-wide programs that establish and enforce strict safety and management standards. Our innovative Frontline Position Candidate Screening ensures a safe, consistent, and pleasurable experience for all riders. With National Express on board, it's an easy road ahead.

National Express’ acquisition of Ecolane adds demand transit scheduling software and dispatching solutions to our growing portfolio of customer-focused products and services. 

In 2016, National Express Transit grew annual revenues by 60% to $200m.



Happy Driver Fleet Maintenance Solutions and Transportation Scheduling Software

National Express Transit Leadership Team

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Our Mission & Values

Our mission is providing the safest, highest-quality transportation services on time, every time.

Our vision is to deliver service excellence to earn the partnership, loyalty, and trust of our customers and employees.

We are committed to serve you safely and to provide the personal attention you need for successful transportation services.

Our operations focus on our five core values: Safety, Customers, People, Community, and Excellence.

Safety in Routing and Scheduling Software and Fleet Maintenance Solutions


Committed to the health & wellness of our employees.
Fixed Route Service and Transportation Scheduling Software


Developing strong partnerships with our local communities.
Transportation Scheduling Software and Fixed Route Service


Developing future leaders with a culture of learning and recognition.
National Transportation Company and Paratransit Operations


Delivering trans- portation solutions from a host of high- quality brands.
Demand Responsive Paratransit and Route Scheduling software


Improving operational performance by aligning technology & processes.