National Express Transit

Commuter & Express Transit

Commuter & Express Transit

When you ride National Express, you'll get there comfortably, safely, and efficiently. NEXT makes a limited number of stops, making the travel times as short as possible. Whether your commute takes you to Downtown or another major center, NEXT is ready to serve you in communities across the United States.  We work directly with our clients to provide and support state-of-the art amenities on commuter and express vehicles, at a reasonable cost, such as:

  • Wifi enabled vehicles so that commuters can check email and do business while on the route.
  • Camera and accident avoidance systems that allow our operators to anticipate potentially dangerous situations and evade them with ease.
  • Real-time GPS driven solutions and apps that will allow commuters to see where their bus is, and when it will arrive.
  • Routing solutions that allow our clients to design routes that are efficient and responsive to community needs.

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