How to Improve Fleet Management Challenges and Solutions

For companies that rely on their fleet of vehicles to stay in business (e.g., transport agencies, car rental companies, shipping and delivery services, public transportation organizations, utility companies, food distributors, etc.), fleet-related costs are mostly their largest business expense, which makes effective fleet management vital to keeping a healthy bottom line.

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How To Implement The Top 3 Fleet Management Trends of 2018

For businesses, agencies, and organizations which rely on vehicles for moving people or cargo, making service calls, or delivering and picking up cargo, fleet management is a key element for effective and cost-efficient operations. Fleet management services, which can be handled in-house or contracted to a fleet and asset management company, can include a number of different functions, including vehicle maintenance, vehicle financing and acquisition, optimizing fuel efficiency, managing driver behavior, and heading up safety efforts and legal compliance.

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The Value of Fleet Data

As one popular saying goes, "You can't manage what you don't measure," and to go one step further, you can't improve what you don't measure. In order to get the most performance from a fleet, with the least amount of labor input and the lowest cost, tracking fleet data is imperative.

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7 Strategies for Managing Operating Costs for Rural Public Transit

In order to run an efficient and productive rural public transit system and fleet asset management, and one that doesn't consistently overrun the budget, it's important to keep operating costs under control. Without adequate controls on operating costs, rural public transit systems are at risk of running with a high overhead, which can impact not only the current level of service, but also the future of these programs. Balancing the needs of the agency's customers with the costs for those services is one key aspect of effective transit agency management, and learning how to reduce or minimize those operating costs is a crucial skill.

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