How to Manage a Call Center Efficiently

According to Microsoft’s 2017 State of Global Customer Service report, 96% of consumers consider customer service a primary factor in determining which brands win their loyalty. That’s good news for the customer service industry in general.

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How to Improve Fleet Management Challenges and Solutions

For companies that rely on their fleet of vehicles to stay in business (e.g., transport agencies, car rental companies, shipping and delivery services, public transportation organizations, utility companies, food distributors, etc.), fleet-related costs are mostly their largest business expense, which makes effective fleet management vital to keeping a healthy bottom line.

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What Do Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Brokers Do?

For some people, getting to and from their medical appointments can be a challenge because they don't (or shouldn't) drive, or they don't have close family or friends who can transport them to the doctor's office. Regardless of whether those conditions are only temporary or are permanent, it can be a serious roadblock to treatment or recovery if appointments, treatments, and follow-up visits can't be attended.

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Advantages of Autonomous Vehicles for Transit Operations

The emergence of autonomous vehicles as a viable means of transport in the real world – and not just some concept car on a closed track – is set to radically change the way people and goods get around in the very near future. And although the benefits to individuals who may eventually own or share an autonomous vehicle tend to get the most play in the news, there are many underplayed areas of potential impact. A big area is the transit industry – on top of the eventual possibility of autonomous fleet operation, there is also massive integration potential in taxi and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

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How to Measure Productivity in a Call Center

At the heart of every successful customer service experience is a well-trained and efficient call center, which can answer incoming calls in a timely manner, route them to the most appropriate person or department, and otherwise enable a quick and effective solution to customers' and clients' calls. We previously introduced training tips for improving call center productivity, so now let’s dive into how to measure success.

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